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Art Ark is a community based, public art logging and searching application. more


GPS Location: 40.4385, -79.9859

This mural brings life to the brick facade of a downtown building


GPS Location: 40.429135, -79.986381

A mosaic fish comes through the snow on a Pittsburgh sidewalk


GPS Location: 40.435662, -80.007532

The walls leading down to the Gateway Clipper fleet at Station Square are heavily decorated with images from the resions past


GPS Location: 40.437896, -79.990539

This exterior wall of a Duquesne University building mixes mural and sculpture


GPS Location: 40.438014, -80.002973

There are many works by Obey such as this one decorating walls around the city of Pittsburgh


GPS Location: 40.438084, -79.991231

This mural has a unique feel


GPS Location: 40.443583, -79.996372

Street musicians grace an entranceway


GPS Location: 40.444102, -80.002353

The exterior of the HJ Heinz History Center makes the viewer feel a part of Pittsburgh's industrial past


GPS Location: 40.4281,-79.970262

This colorfully executed mural on Pittsburgh's South Side celebrates the areas industrial history as well as it's bright future



Art Ark is a community based, public art logging and searching application. It allows the user community to build the library of artworks through their own uploads and tags. Because public art is often short-lived, Art Ark aims to save these important works for appreciation and posterity.