Here at bARTr we value creativity and cooperation above all else, especially above money.

What is bARTr?

bARTr members are a community of creative souls focused on helping themselves by helping each other. Members trade materials and supplies because they know ' Receive, you must Give!'

How It Works

bARTring is easy. A bARTr is a request paired with an offer. You add a new bARTr by telling the community what you are looking for and what you are willing to give in trade. A bARTr can also have a deadline if you need to make the trade by a certain date. Other members will see your entry in a list of bARTrs showing the most recent first. If another member is interested, they click the "bARTr!" button next to your entry which lets them send you a message. The message will automatically appear in your Dashboard and will include the members User Name and email address so that you can safely contact them outside of the system.

How do you make a trade?

The messages you receive from other members include their email address and their User Name so you can contact them and arrange a trade

    You can trade by,
  • meeting someplace
  • US Mail
  • However you like!